WVAS Local News

Nov 8, 2012

The Montgomery Police Department is seeking the public's help in locating Jacoby Michael Esco.  Esco is wanted in connection with residential burglaries that occurred on November 7th in the 3000 block of Brewton Street and on November 8th on Vandy Drive.  Police believed Esco was armed during the burglaries.  Esco may be driving a silver Nissan Altima with smoke coming from the rear exhaust.  Montgomery police consider Esco armed and dangerous.  Police say if you see him do not approach him,but call the police immediately.

Grease Collection

Montgomery Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board wants you to think twice before pouring leftover cooking oil down the drain.  The board has launched a public awareness campaign with instructions on how to recycle common fats, oils and grease.  Water Works General Manager Buddy Morgan says area residents may not realize the issues they are causing.  Collection jugs are being provided at locations all over the city where people can pick up the containers, then return them once they are full.  Most of the city's recreational parks have the jugs as well as Frazer United Methodist Church, AUM Campus and the Mann Museum. 

MPD Graduation

Retirement Systems of Alabama chief Dr. David Bronner addressed the 17 newest Montgomery Police Department officers at their graduation ceremony today.  His address, which last less than seven minutes, included davice from Bronner to first, enjoy your job.