WVAS Local News

Nov 6, 2012

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has made a last-minute appeal to voters to support a ballot measure that he said is needed for Alabama to compete with other states when recruiting new jobs.  Bentley said that dispite how they vote on other amendments he hopes all voters support Amendment 2.  He said it's the only other amendment on the ballot that's "going to create jobs."

The amendment would allow the state to refinance bonds and free up millions to offer incentives to new industries.

Party Voting

The Alabama Secretary of State's office is trying to squelch a persistent rumor about straight party voting.  Some people seem to think that if a person votes a straight ticket, then they must also fill in the slot for president to ensure that vote is counted.  A spokesperson for the Secretary of State's office says that is false.  The spokesman says if someone votes a straight party, they do not have to fill in their perference for president on top of that.  The machine will record the party selected in all races.

Brewbaker Voting

A classroom leasson came to life today as students participated in a mock presidential election.  High Schoolers at Brewbaker Technology Magnet learned about the electoral college, major campaigning themes and why voting is important.  The results of the Brew Tech mock election are in and students decided by a 328 to 117 vote, that President Barack Obama should return to the White House.

Low Rates

An official with the electric utility said accounting procedures approved by the state's utility regulatory board will allow rates to remain the same through 2014.  The Public Service Commission voted unanimously to allow Alabama Power to spread out some coasts over several years, including complying with federal mandates for enhanced security at the Farley Nuclear Plant.  The vote comes on the same day that PSC President Lucy Baxley and Commissioner Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh faced off in the race for PSC president.