WVAS Local News

Nov 1, 2012

The University of Alabama's board of trustees has named the first permanent woman president in the schools's 181 -year history.  The board voted Thursday to appoint university Provost Judy L.Bonner.  She has previously served as interim president.   Previous President Guy Bailey resigned unexpectedly on Wednesday after less than two months in the job due to his wife's health.

Transitioning a public healthcare system from where it is now to where it needs to be is the goal of the newly formed Alabama Medicaid Advisory commission.  That's according to stat health officer Dr. Don Williamson.  He notes if the commission achieves those goals, they would have accomplished an enormous amonunt.

After last week's contentious meeting of the Montgomery County Board of Education, at least one board member is predicting more unity in the future.  Mary Briers says it won't happen until after the election, when Board President Charlotte Meadows has left office.  The two women clashed when Briers presented a draft letter by Meadows to the board that called for a system-wide takeover by the state and the replacement of Superintendent Barbara Thompson.  Meadows is not seeking re-election, but is expected to continue her effort as a private citizen. 

Montgomery voters will find an extra amendment among those listed on Tuesday's ballot.  Amendment 12 is a local measure that would reduce how long a person can serve on the County Board of Education from six years to four years.  Representative Thad McClammy of Montgomery sponsored the legislation and some school board members, including Robert Porterfield, feel like the county is  being singled out.