WVAS Local News

Oct 18, 2012

Alabama health officials have contacted four of the six additional Alabamians who received injections of steroid medication from a specialty pharmacy linked to a meningitis outbreak. 

A state health officials said Wednesday that two are fine but two others are showing symptoms and will be seen by their doctor.  Federal health officials now say 19 people have died.  The deaths are among the 247 people in 15 states in the national meningitis outbreak.

Legislative Pay

State lawmakers are giving voters the chance to cut legislative pay in the general election.  To do it voters will have to work their work through a long list of proposed constitutional amendments until they get to Amendment 8.  Opponents say the Legislature needs to go back to its pre-2007 compensation of nearly $37,000 dollars.

Casino Construction

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians have stopped construction of a planned 20-story hotel and casino in Wetumpka.  Construction was halted late Tuesday afternoon.  The Muscogee Nation had objected to the project.  The tribe is objecting to the graves of its ancestors being exhumed and moved to make way for the expansion by the Poarch Creeks. 

Immigration Law

A federal appeals court in Atlanta has rejected a request from the state to reconsider its latest ruling in which the court invalidated some provisions of Alabama's immigration law.  The court Wednesday rejected a request a that the full court review the decision of a three-judge panel.  The court did not give a reason for denying the request.

MPS Investigations

Employees who entered computer data at two Montgomery high schools say they witnessed school administrators violating school policy to help students achieve higher grades with little or no work.  The accusations come as state officials continue to investigate allegations of widespread cheating in the Montgomery County public school system. 

ASU Stadium

Hornets fans are preparing to play their first football game on their own campus.  Alabama State University's 26,500 seat football stadium will be the location for the 89th annual Turkey Day Classic.  The latest updates on the stadium and all of the plans for "Turkey Day" 2012 will be presented at two community meetings.  One meeting will be held at 6 p.m. tonight at the Houston Markham Football Complex on North University Drive.  A second meeting is scheduled for November 8th.