WVAS Local News

Oct 15, 2012

Governor Robert Bentley today released details of a voluntary retirement incentive program. 

The plan would offer state employees two retirement incentive packages, either Post- Retirement Group Health Insurance Coverage or a cash incentive payment of $15,000 dollar that would be made in two installments.  Projections from the Alabama Department of Finance show that for every 500 employees who participate, the state saves between 18 to 26 million dollars a year in salaries and benefits.

Alabama Constitution

Alabama voters on November 6th will get another chance to remove racist sections of the Alabama Constitution.  Amendment No. 4 on the ballot would remove language from the 1901 Alabama Constitution that includes providing for separate school for black and white students and levying a poll tax.  Some black lawmakers oppose the current effort because it doesn't guarantee the right to an education.  Supporters say having the racist language in the constitution send the wrong message to children and hurts the state's reputation around the country.

Stadium Update

Alabama State University plant to update member of the community on the progress of its new stadium.  The school is set to hold a community meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Houston Markham Jr. Football Complex.  Topics of discussion at the meeting will include construction progress, ticket information, parking and tailgating.