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Oct 4, 2012

The Alabama Republican Party gained another member today when Senator Jerry Fielding announced he is switching sides. 

Some Democrats have surmised that Fielding is responding to pressure from a reapportionment plan that puts him in a more Republican district.  The Talladega Senator denies that.   The Republican super majority in the Senate now stands at 23 with 11 Democrats and one independent. 

Medical School

A regional medical school is coming to Montgomery.  A news conference was held Thursday to announce the partnership between the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine and Baptist Health to expand UAB's medical campus to the Capital city.

Republican Support

Former Republican U.S. Representative Jack Edwards of Point Clear says he will cross party lines to support Democrat Bob Vance for chief justice.  Edwards told al.com that finding the right man for chief justice goes beyond party affiliation, and he considers Vance "the only person qualified for the job."

Federal Aid

Alabama's governor say five more counties will be eligible for federal aid aimed at helping communities recover from damage caused by Hurricane Isaac.  Governor Robert Bentley said in a statement today that the Federal Management Agency has approved the request.