WVAS Local News

Aug 26, 2012

Governor Robert Bentley announced today a statewide state of emergency ahead of the expected landfall of Tropical Storm Isaac. 

Bentley is urging the public to take precautions and monitor weather warnings.  Bentley has also ordered the Alabama National Guard Troops to be on standby.  Tropical Storm Isaac is expected to gain strength as it moves over the open water of the Gulf of Mexico. 

Medicaid Funding

The Alabama Department of Public Health's  State Health Officer Don Williamson says Medicaid will be in trouble if Alabama voters don't agree to use more than $437 million in a state trust fund to prevent huge cuts in spending on state programs. Opponents  say the crisis can be solved without raiding the state's savings.

Unused Millions

The Alabama Department of Transportation is getting more than $51 million to be used for road work.  The Birmingham News reports the money comes from old federal earmarks that have gone unused around the state.  The Obama administration identified more than 470 million dollars in unspent earmarks around the country and ordered states to come up with a plan for the money by the end of the year. Otherwise the funds go to other states.  All 33 projects on Alabama's list were contained in transportation spending bills from 2004  to 2006.