WVAS Local News

Aug 21, 2012

A federal appeals court has ruled that part of Alabama's tough immigration law that ordered public schools to check the citizenship status of new students is unconstitutional. 

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the provision wrongly singles out children who are in the country illegally.  Alabama was the only state that passed such a requirement.  The court separately says Alabama police can continue checking immigration documents for people they stop.

Forrest Petition

More than 13,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Selma City Council to permanently remove a monument to Confederate general and founding leader of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Live Oak cemetery.  The monument to Forrest was damaged in March and the "Friends of Forrest" group wants to build a larger monument in the same location. 

iPad Training

The Montgomery Election Center is going high tech this election cycle.  For the first time poll workers will use iPads to access general voter registration information more effectively.  Elections Center Director, Justin Aday said 60 iPads have been purchased to be used throughout the 46 polling places in Montgomery County. 

Roby Visits

GOP Congresswoman Martha Roby was the guest speaker at civic organizations in Millbrook and Wetumpka today.  The first-term lawmaker has been touring the 3rd Congressional District while Congress is adjourned for the August recess. 

Justice Department

The Justice Department is establishing a civil rights unit based in Birmingham.  The head of the agency's civil rights division, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, is  in Birmingham today to announce the formation of the unit.  It will concentrate on both civil lawsuits and criminal enforcement of federal civil rights laws.

Opt-out Bill

A pair of state legislators say they will introduce a bill in the next regular session that allows local school boards to set start and stop dates for the school year in their systems.  Republican Senator Bill Holtzclaw of Madison says a law passed this year that mandated when schools had to start and end the school year is intrusive.  The law was intended to extend the tourism season in Alabama and boost tax collections.  Republican Representative Paul DeMarco of Homewood is sponsoring the opt-out bill in the Alabama House.