Winter Weather

Jan 3, 2014

A double dose of wintry air arrives in Alabama over the next several days.  The first cold front is already infiltrating the state and temperatures have fallen into the 20s this morning.  The next, even colder wave rolls in early next week.  The multiple cold fronts have also meant increased rainfall.  Some locations in Montgomery recorded 9 to 10 inches of rain for the month of December. 

Anti-violence Rally

Various community and religious groups in Montgomery have been discussing ways to reduce violent crime following a string of homicides in 2013.  Montgomery recorded 49 murders last year.  A stop the violence rally was held last night at the Fresh Anointing International Church on Fleming Road.  Bishop Kyle Searcy said he and others are committed to finding solutions to the violence. 

Traffic Fatality

Troy football player Jadarius Garner was found dead on a Mississippi highway.  A Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman said that the 20-year-old Garner was found lying on U.S. Highway 61 in Bolivar County early Thursday morning after two cars had run over him.  The drivers of the two cars were not injured.  Garner was from Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

Target Lawsuit

The Beasley-Allen law firm in Montgomery has filed a second class-action lawsuit against Target Corporation for the credit and debit card security breach that occurred between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shopping periods.  Attorney Jere Beasley said in a statement that as many as 40 million accounts were comprised.  The suit seeks compensation for individuals who suffered financial losses because of the Target credit breach.  The lawsuit was filed December 20th in Montgomery Federal Court.