Wage discrimination bill awaiting President Obama's signature has Alabama connection

Montgomery, Alabama – President Barack Obama is receiving one of the first pieces of legislation for his consideration from Congress today, and it has an Alabama connection.

The wage discrimination bill is based on a case involving Lilly Ledbetter, an employee with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Gadsden who, after 19 years, discovered that a male counterpart earned more than she for the same work.

Alabama AFL-CIO spokesman, Al Henley, says Lettbetter's complaint was rejected by the Supreme Court because she failed to file a wage discrimination claim with the 180 day statute of limitations.

Under the bill awaiting President Obama's signature, every new discriminatory paycheck would extend the statute of limitations for another 180 days.

Henly says the AFL-CIO believes in equal pay for equal work regardless of age, race, or gender. The Alabama AFL-CIO has about 70,000 members.