Tornadoes and Flood Waters Plague The State Thursday

Montgomery, Alabama – There was water everywhere that it should not have been yesterday; flooding the State House and cars parked in downtown Montgomery, flooding homes and churches.

National Weather Service Forecaster Kevin Laws says the excessive rainfall was a nightmare borne out of combination of elements including a slow moving storm system and saturated atmosphere.

Laws says the tri-county area did not break any records noting that the most rainfall ever recorded in our area fell back in 1892 where one day of rainfall generated 9.7 inches of rain. Portions of Montgomery received about 5 to 6 inches of rainfall Thursday.

In Montgomery, EMA Director Steve Jones, has set up a special help line for people to call in to help document damage to their homes and businesses. People may call 311 or 240-4636. He is taking an areal assessment of damage today.

Meanwhile, state Emergency Management Officials are reviewing areas which endured 8 tornadoes Thursday. In Macon County, just before 7:00 a.m. Thursday, a family was trapped in their home after a tornado downed a tree on a mobile home. The family was not injured. That tornado touched down on Alabama Highway 80 West near Tuskegee.