Three Cohens, Live In Concert: Newport Jazz 2012

Aug 5, 2012
Originally published on June 20, 2014 5:25 pm

Yuval (saxophone), Anat (reeds) and Avishai (trumpet) Cohen are siblings from Israel. They're also among the growing number of terrific jazz musicians from that country; Anat and Avishai have both had bookings for their own bands at Newport in recent years. Naturally, the three Cohens occasionally record and perform together as a band, whose original pieces and arrangements are supported by a rhythm section. It's a family reunion you won't secretly dread.

Set List

  • "Blues For Dandi's Orange Bull Chasing An Orange Sack"
  • "With The Soul Of The Greatest Of Them All"
  • "The Mooche"
  • "Ornithology"
  • "Family"
  • "Shufla De Shufla"


  • Yuval Cohen, soprano saxophone
  • Anat Cohen, clarinet/tenor saxophone
  • Avishai Cohen, trumpet
  • Reuben Rogers, bass
  • Rudy Royston, drums
  • Aaron Goldberg, piano
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