Summary of Legislative Action

Montgomery,Alabama – (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama Legislature on Thursday, the eighth meeting day of the regular session:
-Passed a bill to appropriate $8 million for building an
elementary school in the Walker County town of Oakman to replace a
building that was heavily damaged by a tornado. Goes to Senate.
-Approved legislation to limit the liability of owners of land
leased for hunting and fishing if someone is injured on their
property. Goes to Senate.
-Approved a bill that says a landlord is not required to pay
delinquent utility bills that are in the names of tenants. Goes to
-Passed a bill that would establish the Alabama Boxing
Commission. Goes to Senate.
-Approved legislation that would punish teenagers who cause
discipline problems in school by delaying the time when they can
receive a driver's license. Goes to Senate.
-Passed a bill that makes it legal for bicycle riders to use
their right hand to make turn signals instead of their left arm.
Goes to Senate.
-Held a moment of silence and passed a resolution mourning the
death of Betty McCorquodale, wife of former House Speaker Joe
-Approved bills to extend the existence of 17 state regulatory
boards, including the Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and
Board of Physical Therapy. Go to House.
-Approved legislation to complete deregulation of landline
phones. Goes to Senate.
-House and Senate meet at 1 p.m. Tuesday.
"Tornadoes don't pick and choose. They just show up." - Rep.
Randy Davis, R-Daphne, during debate of a bill to appropriate $8
million to replace a tornado-damaged elementary school in Oakman in
Walker County.

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