Storm Damage

Apr 7, 2014

The Elmore County Emergency Management Agency reports that several large trees are down across the county blocking roadways, including in the communities of Lightwood, Owens Road and Millport.  Drivers should exercise extreme caution, many roads and highways are wet and slick due to standing water, that can result in hydroplaning.  Also, remember never drive across a flooded road.  Turn around , don't drown. 

Governor's Signature

Governor Robert Bentley won't make a quick decision on whether to sign the state's Education Trust Fund budget or force lawmakers back into a special session over the issue of a raise for education employees.  Bentley has until April 13th to sign the budget into law or it will die through a pocket veto.  But some veteran Republicans have said they doubt Bentley will call them back to Montgomery.  Bentley had pushed for a 2 percent raise for K-12 employees.  Republican leaders said the state could not afford both the raise and increased health insurance costs. 

Hubbard Responds

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard says he never tried to insert language into the state budget to help direct business to a company that head ties to his own.  Hubbard's comments come in the wake of former Montgomery Representative Greg Wren's resignation and guilty plea last Tuesday to an ethics violation.  Wren admitted trying to put language into the state budget to help American Pharmacy Cooperative of Bessemer get state Medicaid business.  Wren's plea agreement says Hubbard supported the language and directed it be added to the budget. 

Maxwell AFB Prison

Former Chicago Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has been moved to the federal prison camp on Maxwell Air Force Base.  The information comes from State Representative Alvin Holmes of Montgomery.  Holmes said the Jackson family contacted him Friday night about the 49-year-old ex-congressman.  Jackson had been housed at a federal lock in North Carolina.  He is serving a 2 1/2 year sentence after admitting he illegally spent campaign money.  The minimum security prison camp on Maxwell has housed several government figures over the years.  The Federal Bureau of Prisons lists Jesse Jackson Jr.'s release date as December 31st, 2015.