South Alabama Gunman Was Depressed Before Shooting Spree

March 13,2009 – GENEVA, Ala. (AP) - The investigation into the life of the Alabama gunman that killed 10 people and then himself paints a troubling portrait of a depressed young man who couldn't hold a job.
He was also a self-proclaimed survivalist who ordered instructional videos on how to commit violence.
At a news conference last night, state law enforcement officials said Michael McLendon had talked recently about being depressed over failing to become a Marine or a police officer.
The district attorney of Coffee County, where McLendon lived in an isolated rural home with his mother, described a man who may have been planning his actions.
District Attorney Gary McAliley says investigators found the DVDs and a spiral notebook containing names of people McLendon had worked with and list of things he felt they had done wrong to him.
The weapons enthusiast joined the Marine Corps in 1999 but was discharged a month later for fraud. Four years later, he tried to
join the Samson Police Department, but couldn't complete some of the physical requirements at the state police academy.
Other jobs also didn't seem to suit him.