NASA has released the first picture of Jupiter taken since the Juno spacecraft went into orbit around the planet on July 4.

The picture was taken on July 10. Juno was 2.7 million miles from Jupiter at the time. The color image shows some of the atmospheric features of the planet, including the giant red spot. You can also see three of Jupiter's moons in the picture: Io, Europa and Ganymede.

The Senate is set to approve a bill intended to change the way police and health care workers treat people struggling with opioid addictions.

My husband and I once took great pleasure in preparing meals from scratch. We made pizza dough and sauce. We baked bread. We churned ice cream.

Then we became parents.

Now there are some weeks when pre-chopped veggies and a rotisserie chicken are the only things between us and five nights of Chipotle.

Parents are busy. For some of us, figuring out how to get dinner on the table is a daily struggle. So I reached out to food experts, parents and nutritionists for help. Here is some of their (and my) best advice for making weeknight meals happen.

"O Canada," the national anthem of our neighbors up north, comes in two official versions — English and French. They share a melody, but differ in meaning.

Let the record show: neither version of those lyrics contains the phrase "all lives matter."

But at the 2016 All-Star Game, the song got an unexpected edit.

At Petco Park in San Diego, one member of the Canadian singing group The Tenors — by himself, according to the other members of the group — revised the anthem.

School's out, and a lot of parents are getting through the long summer days with extra helpings of digital devices.

How should we feel about that?

Police in Baton Rouge say they have arrested three people who stole guns with the goal of killing police officers. They are still looking for a fourth suspect in the alleged plot, NPR's Greg Allen reports.

"Police say the thefts were at a Baton Rouge pawn shop early Saturday morning," Greg says. "One person was arrested at the scene. Since then, two others have been arrested and six of the eight stolen handguns have been recovered. Police are still looking for one other man."

A 13-year-old boy is among those arrested, Greg says.

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After an international tribunal invalidated Beijing's claims to the South China Sea, Chinese authorities have declared in no uncertain terms that they will be ignoring the ruling.

The Philippines brought the case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, objecting to China's claims to maritime rights in the disputed waters. The tribunal agreed that China had no legal authority to claim the waters and was infringing on the sovereign rights of the Philippines.

Donald Trump is firing back at Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she disparaged him in several media interviews. He tweeted late Tuesday that she "has embarrassed all" with her "very dumb political statements" about the candidate. Trump ended his tweet with "Her mind is shot - resign!":

Donald Trump wrapped up his public tryout of potential vice presidential candidates in Indiana Tuesday night with Gov. Mike Pence giving the final audition.

The Indiana governor's stock as Trump's possible running mate is believed to be on the rise, with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also atop the list. Sources tell NPR the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is close to making a decision, which he's widely expected to announce by Friday.


Sizing Up Major League Baseball's All Star Game

Jul 6, 2012
Originally published on July 10, 2012 4:46 pm



From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Melissa Block.


And I'm Robert Siegel. Major League Baseball's 83rd all-star game will be played on Tuesday in Kansas City. To talk about baseball at the halfway point in the season, we are joined now, as we are most Fridays, by sportswriter Stefan Fatsis.

Hi, Stefan.


SIEGEL: And going down the all-star rosters, it looks like a lot of new names in this game.

FATSIS: Yeah. Twenty-five first-timers, more than a third of the players. They include 23-year-old fast-baller Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals. He's playing in an all-star game faster than any number one draft pick ever. Then, on the other end of that, you've got R.A. Dickey of the New York Mets, a 37-year-old knuckle-baller and author, debuted in the big leagues in 2001, but he didn't stick until last year.

SIEGEL: Also, some very familiar faces. The fans elected veterans like Derek Jeter of the Yankees, David Ortiz of the Red Sox, Carlos Beltran of the Cardinals to start. Are they really having all-star worthy seasons?

FATSIS: Yeah. Beltran and Ortiz are. Jeter's been pretty good. These are not outrageous picks. The funny thing about baseball is, again, you've got performance plus sentiment in the all-stars, but the result still matters because the winning team gets home field advantage in the World Series. I still think this is pretty stupid.

SIEGEL: You mentioned, though, the young Stephen Strasburg, 23 years old, on the all-star team. Two even younger players are having historic seasons so far. Outfielders Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Bryce Harper of Washington.

FATSIS: Yeah. Trout turns 21 in a month. Harper doesn't even turn 20 until October and there have been a lot of comparative statistical lists on the internet ranking Trout and Harper among the best seasons by players their age, among people like Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle and Ken Griffey, Jr. Neither player joined his team until a few weeks into the season, but both have been integral. Trout, who was named to the all-star team, leads the American League in batting and stolen bases. His centerfield defense has been breathtaking. And Bryce Harper's numbers aren't quite as gaudy, but he seems to do something critical for the Nationals every night.

SIEGEL: The Nationals, of course, have a surprisingly large lead in the National League East Division. Any other big surprises so far?

FATSIS: Yeah. A Washington team hasn't been to the post-season since 1933 and, of course, for many of those years, there wasn't a Washington team. The Pirates moved into first place in the National League Central Division this week. They're trying to end a streak of 19 straight losing seasons, the longest in professional sports in North America. They haven't been to the playoffs since 1992.

SIEGEL: Now, the Yankees lead the American League East Division and they open a weekend series in Boston against the Red Sox tonight. Pitching for the Yankees will be Hiroki Kuroda, who is the subject of a harrowing story about playing baseball as a child in Japan.

FATSIS: Yeah. It's in today's New York Times and it's by the reporter David Waldstein. Japanese coaches are known for their discipline, repetition, hard work, but Kuroda's story is just shocking. He talks about how players would sneak away from one coach who had banned water to drink from a polluted river or a toilet, how he was paddled by coaches with a baseball bat. How, as punishment for one bad game, he was forced to run from foul pole to foul pole from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 or 10:00 at night without water for four days. He tells Waldstein it was all so ingrained in me that I still have a fear of giving up hits and runs. It's just a moving story.

SIEGEL: Stefan, thanks. Have a great weekend.

FATSIS: You too, Robert.

SIEGEL: Stefan Fatsis joins us most Fridays to talk about sports and the business of sports. He's also a panelist on's sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright National Public Radio.