Shooter Left a List

Montgomery, Alabama – SAMSON, Ala. (AP) - Authorities say the gunman who killed 10
people and committed suicide in a rampage across the Alabama
countryside had struggled to keep a job and left behind lists of
employers and co-workers he believed had wronged him.
District Attorney Gary McAliley says the lists found in Michael
McLendon's home included a metals plant that had forced him to
resign years ago and where he ended up killing himself Tuesday to
end the rampage.
At a prayer service at First Baptist Church of Samson on
Wednesday, the Rev. Steve Sellers made no attempt to explain what
would drive someone to commit such an act. Sellers said he didn't
know what set McLendon off, but that he wanted to pray for his
Investigators offered no immediate explanation for why McLendon
targeted relatives and others who weren't on the list as he fired
more than 200 rounds in a roughly 20-mile trail of carnage across
two counties near the Florida state line.