School Bus Fees

Dec 12, 2013

State Department of Education officials say they've open to allowing city school districts to charge students transportation fees.  The department's Chief of Staff, Craig Pouncy says unlike county school districts, city districts are not required to provide transportation for students.  Officials says although they're open to considering school transportation fees, they have concerns over how the costs could potentially impact families of low-income students. 

ASU Memorial Service

The public is invited to come to the Alabama State University's library today at noon to participate in a city wide memorial service for the late South African icon Nelson Mandela.  ASU spokesman Ken Mullinax said Mandela's life story mirrors the contributions of people who fought for civil rights in America.  The memorial for Nelson Mandela starts at noon at the Alabama State University Library's lecture hall on the first-floor. 

Dairy Farmers

Could consumers see a price of $6 or $7 dollars for a gallon of milk in the coming year?  Agriculture officials have predicted that is a possibility if a new farm bill isn't worked out or an extension of the current one isn't passed by January.  The lack of an active farm bill would mean a return to 1940s law which would eventually send prices on dairy products skyward.  Director of National Legislation Programs for the Alabama Farmers Federation Mitt Walker says that is a worst-case scenario. Walker is optimistic a deal can be reached, if not by the beginning of the year. 

Hair Cutting Challenge

An attorney representing several current and former Native American inmates says he's preparing to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court's decision upholding a rule requiring inmates to cut their hair.  The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decided in November against reviewing the Alabama Department of Corrections hair length policy.  Some Native American inmates have said long hair is their religious right.  However, state corrections officials have said long hair could pose safety concerns and that escaped inmates could alter their appearance by cutting their hair.