Robert Cray On Mountain Stage

May 27, 2014
Originally published on June 19, 2014 3:20 pm

Robert Cray performs on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, West Virginia. Unlike many blues guitarists of his generation, Cray found his way to his instrument not through the blues, but through The Beatles. And while his is now widely considered to be one of America's premier blues players, Cray's nimble vocals allow him to skirt the edges of R&B, soul and pop music. But it was after legendary bluesman Albert Collins played Cray's high school graduation, that his fate was sealed; and it wasn't long after that that Cray was in Collins' backing band.

Cray appears here with his own band, featuring keyboardist Dover Wienberg, drummer Les Falconer, and bassist Richard Cousins, whose original tenure with Cray included the landmark albums Strong Persuader and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Their latest release is In My Soul.

Set List

  • "Won't be Coming Home"
  • "You Move Me"
  • "Fine Yesterday"
  • "What Would You Say"
  • "Hip Tight Onions"
  • "Forecast Calls for Pain"
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