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Convention Countdown

The Republican National Convention is in 4 days in Cleveland.

The Democratic National Convention is in 11 days in Philadelphia.

NASA has released the first picture of Jupiter taken since the Juno spacecraft went into orbit around the planet on July 4.

The picture was taken on July 10. Juno was 2.7 million miles from Jupiter at the time. The color image shows some of the atmospheric features of the planet, including the giant red spot. You can also see three of Jupiter's moons in the picture: Io, Europa and Ganymede.

The Senate is set to approve a bill intended to change the way police and health care workers treat people struggling with opioid addictions.

My husband and I once took great pleasure in preparing meals from scratch. We made pizza dough and sauce. We baked bread. We churned ice cream.

Then we became parents.

Now there are some weeks when pre-chopped veggies and a rotisserie chicken are the only things between us and five nights of Chipotle.

Parents are busy. For some of us, figuring out how to get dinner on the table is a daily struggle. So I reached out to food experts, parents and nutritionists for help. Here is some of their (and my) best advice for making weeknight meals happen.

"O Canada," the national anthem of our neighbors up north, comes in two official versions — English and French. They share a melody, but differ in meaning.

Let the record show: neither version of those lyrics contains the phrase "all lives matter."

But at the 2016 All-Star Game, the song got an unexpected edit.

At Petco Park in San Diego, one member of the Canadian singing group The Tenors — by himself, according to the other members of the group — revised the anthem.

School's out, and a lot of parents are getting through the long summer days with extra helpings of digital devices.

How should we feel about that?

Police in Baton Rouge say they have arrested three people who stole guns with the goal of killing police officers. They are still looking for a fourth suspect in the alleged plot, NPR's Greg Allen reports.

"Police say the thefts were at a Baton Rouge pawn shop early Saturday morning," Greg says. "One person was arrested at the scene. Since then, two others have been arrested and six of the eight stolen handguns have been recovered. Police are still looking for one other man."

A 13-year-old boy is among those arrested, Greg says.

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After an international tribunal invalidated Beijing's claims to the South China Sea, Chinese authorities have declared in no uncertain terms that they will be ignoring the ruling.

The Philippines brought the case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, objecting to China's claims to maritime rights in the disputed waters. The tribunal agreed that China had no legal authority to claim the waters and was infringing on the sovereign rights of the Philippines.

Donald Trump is firing back at Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after she disparaged him in several media interviews. He tweeted late Tuesday that she "has embarrassed all" with her "very dumb political statements" about the candidate. Trump ended his tweet with "Her mind is shot - resign!":


'Queen Of Cocaine' Is Gunned Down In Colombia

Sep 4, 2012
Originally published on September 4, 2012 12:18 pm

Talk about your just deserts:

"A Colombian drug trafficker, known as the 'queen of cocaine,' has been killed in the city of Medellin," the BBC writes. "Griselda Blanco, 69, was shot dead by gunmen as she was leaving a butcher's."

That rather dry report doesn't do justice to the life and death of Blanco, though. As Miami New Times writes, her assassination on Monday:

"Was a bloody cinematic ending for the 69-year-old retired cocaine trafficker who was insatiably fond of the gangster epic The Godfather — going as far as naming her youngest son Michael Corleone."

And New Times adds that:

-- "Blanco is the reputed originator of motorcycle assassinations" in Colombia.

-- "According to law enforcement, she oversaw a billion-dollar criminal organization that transported 3,400 pounds of perico a month into the United States. She revolutionized smuggling by developing her own line of underwear with secret compartments to stuff drugs into."

-- She was "accused of masterminding at least 40 homicides from Miami to New York, including the murder of a two-year-old boy" who was killed when gunmen missed their intended target.

Colombia's El Tiempo says that Blanco mentored legendary trafficker Pablo Escobar and earned another nickname — "Black widow" — because she killed her husband (who was also her partner in the illegal drug trade) in 1975.

The Miami Herald, which says Blanco was also known as the "godmother of cocaine," reminds its readers that she might have been sent to Florida's death row after her 1985 arrest and conviction on three murder charges. But, the prosecution's case for capital punishment was damaged when it came out that three secretaries from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office had engaged in phone sex with a key witness: "Jorge Ayala, the charismatic hitman who later testified against Blanco."

Instead of the death penalty, Blanco was sentenced to 20 years in prison. She was released in 2004 and deported to Colombia.\

Note at 12:15 p.m. ET. And About "Just Deserts."

Because there's been a discussion in the comments thread about whether we misspelled "deserts," here's a note we just added there:

Actually, "just deserts" (with one 's' in the middle) is correct — something we here at The Two-Way had to double- and triple-check ourselves. As The Guardian explains, it derives from "deserve" and is commonly misspelled:

You might also check this link from Merriam-Webster:

We learned something today!

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