Peter Sagal: The Oddly Informative Quiz Show Host

Sep 5, 2013
Originally published on September 5, 2013 5:59 pm

When NPR listeners want to test their knowledge of current events — and laugh in the process — they tune in to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!, NPR's news quiz. In every episode, host Peter Sagal quizzes panelists and contestants on a smattering some of the week's most oddball events, from the eccentricities of world leaders to failed robberies.

Sagal took a break from his own hosting duties and sat down with host Ophira Eisenberg to chat about working in his family's grocery store as a kid in Cambridge, Mass. While placing stickers on items with a pricing gun can be quite tedious, Sagal turned the task into a quick-draw game of sorts. "Because I'm me, I'd have a little bit of dialogue with the yogurt: 'So, I told you never to come back to this dairy section again.' "

In a regular Wait, Wait segment called "Not My Job," Sagal asks special guests three questions about a topic far outside his or her own area of expertise. For instance, he's challenged Tom Hanks on his knowledge about Hollywood's bad boys, and Martha Stewart on DIY projects gone wrong. So for his Ask Me Another Challenge, we found it fitting to quiz Sagal on the unusual and interesting jobs once held by some of his distinguished panelists.

In the video below, watch the Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! crew rehearse for a road show at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas:

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