Pacino To Earn $125,000 Per Week In 'Glengarry'

Oct 25, 2012
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And today's last word in business is happy huckster.

Actor Al Pacino is returning to Broadway in November to star in David Mamet's classic play "Glengarry Glen Ross," which became very famous, even though the title is so hard to say. In the movie version, Pacino plays the sleazy, successful real estate salesman Ricky Roma.



Now, on stage, 20 years after the film version, Pacino will play the role of Shelly Levine, an older, washed-up salesman who can't close a deal.

INSKEEP: It's plain, though, that Pacino was able to close the deal for this role. According to Bloomberg, Pacino's making $125,000 per week, plus a cut of the show's profits.

MONTAGNE: It's one of the biggest pay packages ever for a Broadway performer. Pacino is collecting even more than Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in "The Producers."

INSKEEP: Even more than Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in "A Steady Rain."

MONTAGNE: And he's collecting 71 times more than the basic union rate on Broadway.

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