Obama Rejects Push to Halt Election Oversight

Dallas,Texas –

DALLAS (AP) - President Barack Obama is rejecting the push by
some Southern Republicans to end Justice Department oversight of
election procedures as outlined in the Voting Rights Act.
Obama said, quote, "You don't just leave it up to the states to
The Dallas Morning News reported his comments Wednesday were
made during an interview with 14 regional newspapers at the White
The Supreme Court limited the reach of the Voting Rights Act on
Monday, a decision that could make it harder for some minority
candidates to win election when voting districts are redrawn.
In April, the court will hear a more significant challenge to
another provision of the Voting Rights Act, requiring all or parts
of 16 states with a history of racial discrimination, including
Alabama, to get approval before implementing any changes in how
elections are held.
Obama said Congress should revisit the issue and study voting
trends each time the Voting Rights Act comes up for renewal.

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