No Highway Stimulus Money for Poor Counties

Montgomery, Alabama –
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama's counties with the worst
unemployment were left out of the first highway projects funded by
the federal stimulus money in the state.
The Alabama Department of Transportation on April 10 let bids
for projects funded by stimulus money in 10 Alabama counties. There
were no projects on the list for Wilcox County. The unemployment
rate in Wilcos is highest in the state at 22.5 percent.
Dallas and Chambers counties each have 18.1 percent unemployment
and were not on the first list of projects.
The 10 projects let on April 10 included one in Shelby County.
That's where unemployment is a lowest in the state 6.3 percent.
Alabama DOT spokesman Tony Harris said the first projects were
those considered most urgent.

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