A Neanderthal-Themed Park For Gibraltar?

Sep 16, 2012
Originally published on September 16, 2012 9:02 am

The Homo sapiens imagination runs wild: A 4-D Mammoth Hunters ride? An Ice Age-themed roller-coaster?

Pure fantasy only, these ideas flew to mind when I scanned a report this morning about a Neanderthal park that may be established on the Rock of Gibraltar within a few years.

Soon enough I realized that the scientists, museum curators and government officials behind this idea are thinking not of a Neanderthal theme park but a Neanderthal-themed park, one that would involve UNESCO "World Heritage" designation. (I very much doubt that wild rides are part of the plan.)

In all seriousness, the Gibraltar location would be apt. The Rock boasts numerous caves; Neanderthal activity is associated with some of them. There's no certainty yet that the park will become a reality, but on-site education about and conservation of this Neanderthal locality would be a great thing.

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