Montgomery Police Involved in Second Shooting

Montgomery, Alabama – The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into the second shooting involving a Montgomery Police officer.

An unidentified man was shot after police were called to an apartment on the 37 HUNDRED Block of Wesley Drive just after 2 o'clock this morning.

Police were called by a mother and daughter who said they had fought off a man who tried to rape the mother's 20 year old, pregnant, daughter. Both women were suffering from non-life threating cuts with the pregnant woman receiving a cut on her stomach.

Police confronted the suspect, and the suspect attacked the police offers and police fired. The suspect later died at a Montgomery Hospital. No other details are available at this time.

Over the weekend, a Montgomery Police Officer shot a man in his shoulder when the man allegedly tried to run over the police officer. The man suffered non-life threatening injuries, and the matter is also under investigation by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. Police say that incident was a case of mistaken identity with the man and the police officer mistaking each other for a robber.