Montgomery Area Transit System Rolling Out Changes

Apr 6, 2017

Users of the Montgomery Area Transit System need to be aware that changes are coming soon. Starting Monday, MATS will feature more transfer locations, route extensions, the addition of a route and the discontinuation of another. About a year ago the city commissioned a study of the transit system hoping to identify ways to improve the experience for riders. The recommendations from that study are now being implemented. A release from MATS says a major change will be the ability to transfer almost anywhere two buses cross. Route 15 is being eliminated while a new route - #17 is being added. Some routes have been virtually untouched, like 4, 6 and 9. But most have some type of alteration. Officials are attempting to stem the tide of ridership decreases in recent years. More information on the changes can be found at or by calling 334-262-7356.