Mercedes-Benz is cutting 200 Jobs at Its Alabama Plant.

Montgomery, AL – (AP) - Mercedes-Benz will cut 200 jobs at its Vance
plant by the end of the year, bringing the work force to about
2,800 people for 2010.
Felyicia Jerald, spokeswoman for Mercedes-Benz U.S.
International, says the operational change comes as the company
tries to match production with expected market conditions.
The first reduction started in October 2008 when Mercedes
offered its employees buyouts and early retirements. About 1,000
workers left during the next several months as a result of that
At its peak, Mercedes employed about 4,000 people in Vance.
After the 2008 reduction, the company said it had about 3,000
workers in Vance.
Mercedes also told its employees on Tuesday that it will
continue its four-day workweek through 2010.