Lighting 'The Torch': NPR's Olympics Blog

Jul 23, 2012

You have found The Torch, NPR's new blog about the London 2012 Summer Olympics. For the next three weeks, we'll bring you the big news from London, along with stories about the human side of an international mega-event.

Our goal is to write about the games' defining moments, along with the unexpected stories that we can't stop talking about. We'll report on everything from How You Ship A Horse To London to the showdown between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.

We'll be looking for interesting stories wherever they pop up — from the stadium to the pub. We'll look at how athletes prepare themselves for their next event, and the technology that's shaping the games. You can read those posts here, and follow us on Twitter, @nprolympics.

The Torch is a team effort. We'll have views from the U.S., and from NPR staff in London: reporters Philip Reeves, Howard Berkes, Mike Pesca and Tom Goldman, along with editor Vickie Walton-James. But it won't be fun unless we hear from you — in the comments below, on Twitter and via our Contact page.

This summer's games include 302 events, held at 34 venues over the course of 19 days. Each day, we'll give you a preview of the competitions you don't want to miss. But if you see us leave out a story that's a big deal, we're counting on you to let us know.

We're looking forward to a great Olympics, full of exciting moments. And because of the time difference, most of those big moments won't require you to be up all night (if you live in the U.S.). So check on The Torch throughout the day, to see what's worth highlighting at the games.


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