'Halo 4' Has Successful First Day Of Sales

Nov 14, 2012
Originally published on November 14, 2012 8:06 am
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Our last word in business today is: arms race.



Dramatic. Feel the heart beat. That's music from "Halo 4," the latest installment from Microsoft's blockbuster video game series which pits humans against aliens in the future. Last week, "Halo 4" made more than $220 million in the first day sales.

WERTHEIMER: That's more than the second "Harry Potter" movie, which holds the record for the biggest film opening. But "Halo 4" is probably more focused on beating its video game archrival, "Call of Duty."

INSKEEP: That series latest title, "Black Ops 2," just came out. And while there are no sales figures yet, we do have the numbers for the first "Black Ops" title.

WERTHEIMER: It raked in more than $650 million in sales in five days alone.

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