Employee Outsources His Own Job To China

Jan 17, 2013
Originally published on January 17, 2013 11:11 am
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And today's last word in business is: outsourcing.

When an American-based company noticed that somebody had been logging onto their computer system from China, day after day, they worried it was hackers so they called in some telecom risk experts from Verizon.


And what they discovered was surprising. The activity from China was all being done with the logon of one of the firms' top software developers. Turns out the unnamed employee was outsourcing his job to several Chinese consulting companies.


MONTAGNE: He paid them about one-fifth of his salary to do all his work, which they apparently did pretty well.

INSKEEP: So you may be wondering what he did with all his spare time. Well, he is web browser history showed a typical day involves surfing Reddit, watching cat videos, visiting eBay and updating his Facebook page. Although, now he has lots of time, he's no longer employed by the company.

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