Last-Minute Box Sets: Home Video For Everyone On Your List

Dec 21, 2012

If you're running out of time for holiday shopping and you can't stand to buy another gift card, there's still hope.

Over the last few holiday shopping seasons, I've become something of a specialist in hunting down specific DVD and Blu-ray sets that will most appeal to friends and family on my list. I usually have a pretty good inkling of these things: My sister gets the art-house movies. My uncle gets the old-school sitcoms. My nephew gets anything that involves baseball, superheroes and/or ice road truckers (don't ask).

When giving the gift of home video, the key is to find something with a little shelf life – collections that can be returned to time and time again. You also want material you just can't get anywhere else. Below are 10 suggestions for gift items across a range of genres and prices. Each features original material or bonus extras that you can't find online or via the various modes of digital distribution. The prices listed are approximate retail costs, though it pays to shop around – you can often find specific sales online and off. But if you're ordering online and you've got a tight deadline, don't wait: the window for Monday deliveries is about to close.

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