Kia car plant credited with creating new jobs in Ala

Montgomery, AL – - Alabama is benefiting from Kia's
assembly plant on the Georgia state line.
The Alabama Development Office released a statement Thursday
saying Kia is responsible for more than 3,600 new jobs at
automotive supplier plants located in Alabama.
Those workers are employed at 34 different plants in Alabama,
including 12 new suppliers that came after Kia announced the
decision for its first U.S. assembly plant in March 2006.
Of those 34 plants, 25 supply both Alabama's Hyundai plant and
the Kia plant.
Gov. Bob Riley said the $704 million that's been invested in
Alabama's economy is concrete evidence of the plant's benefits.
ADO director Neal Wade said 20 to 25 percent of Kia's work force
is expected to come from Alabama.
The Kia plant in Georgia began production this month.