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Arizona Hispanics Poised To Swing State Blue

1 hour ago
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Editor's note: This report contains accounts of rape, violence and other disturbing events.

Sex trafficking wasn't a major concern in the early 1980s, when Beth Jacobs was a teenager. If you were a prostitute, the thinking went, it was your choice.

Jacobs thought that too, right up until she came to, on the lot of a dark truck stop one night. She says she had asked a friendly-seeming man for a ride home that afternoon.

The Boston Citgo sign, all 3,600 square LED feet of which has served as the backdrop to Red Sox games since 1965, is now officially a "pending landmark."

Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dalí spent much of the 1940s in the U.S., avoiding World War II and its aftermath. He was a well-known fixture on the art scene in Monterey, Calif. — and that's where the largest collection of Dalí's work on the West Coast is now open to the public.

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J.C. Penney Wins Legal Fight Over Martha Stewart

May 1, 2013
Originally published on May 1, 2013 10:51 am



Proof of Martha Stewart's ongoing commercial appeal has been on display in a New York courtroom. Yesterday, an appeals court decided that department store J.C. Penney can continue selling a new line of housewares designed by Stewart. But the ruling keeps Macy's from having the exclusive rights to the brand.

NPR's Sonari Glinton reports.

SONARI GLINTON, BYLINE: There is one reason why both J.C. Penney and Macy's want Martha Stewart.

MARSHAL COHEN: She's had a history of having success.`

GLINTON: Marshal Cohen is a retail analyst with the NPD Group. He says being allowed to sell Martha Stewart products is a victory for J.C. Penney which has struggled with leadership and strategy in recent years.

COHEN: The reason why those retailers are fighting over her is because it's a well established brand that they can get lots of bang for their buck. She's expensive to have the product programs with, but she returns results.

GLINTON: Cohen says increasingly, having a sure thing like a Martha Stewart brand in your store means more and more to retailers like Macy's or Penneys. Cohen says it's getting hard out there for a department store.

COHEN: Consumers are trading up, trading down, they can buy what they want and when they wanted it, wherever they want it and for almost any price. So getting exclusivity, there would be branding or whether it be product makes a big difference.

GLINTON: Cohen says the same thing Martha Stewart brings to J.C. Penney or Macy's she brings to, the dating site she recently signed up for.

Even though she's not an official spokesperson, she lends her air of style, quality, and respectability. So now suitors get to woo Martha - not just department stores.

Sonari Glinton, NPR News. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.