Irma Done, Relief Begins

Sep 12, 2017

   What was at one time the most powerful Atlantic ocean storm in recorded history has now exhausted itself to post-tropical cyclone status and will continue to dissipate today. While Irma fades into the record books, aid is rushing in to hurricane-scarred Florida early today as officials pieced together the scope of Irma's destructive path and displaced residents awaited word on hard-hit areas including the Florida Keys. It was difficult to get detailed information on the condition of the island chain where Irma first came ashore over the weekend because communication and access were all but cut off by the storm's arrival as a Category 4 hurricane. But after flying over the Keys Monday, Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the destruction devastating. Elsewhere, areas such as Tampa Bay had braced for the worst but emerged with what appeared to be only modest damage. Jacksonville sustained record flooding. The storm blew through Alabama and Mississippi after drenching Georgia leaving mostly downed trees and power outages in its wake.