The Inaugural Food Scene In 12 Bites

Jan 22, 2013
Originally published on January 24, 2013 9:32 am

Uptown and downtown in D.C. this weekend, some 600,000 people or so celebrated President Obama's second inauguration. And they were hungry.

Reflecting the president's message of diversity, city chefs and caterers turned out everything from highbrow brunches featuring smoked salmon and eggs Benedict to a luau, complete with leis and a spit-roasted pig. And there were plenty of hot dogs and chicken and waffles to be found between the balls.

Unsatisfied with the fare offered at the official inaugural celebrations past, both chefs and brewers threw their own balls — Art and Soul Chef Art Smith teamed up with other local chefs for charity on Saturday, Jan. 20, offering delights like coconut fish curry and mini-roasted lamb gyros.

And the Logan Circle pub ChurchKey hosted a popular Brewer's Ball on Monday night, Jan. 21, highlighting 10 American microbrewers, Many of the brewmasters were in attendance to chat up fans.

As predicted, the official ball food ranged from Cheez-Its to "Chex mix without the Chex" to pretzels. Veterans Affairs Administration blogger Kate Hoit, pictured here, makes the most of her "fancy" pretzel plate.

And at the end of the ceremonies, when the bands and the parades and the people left the Mall, there was a lot of trash left behind. One enterprising artist turned some trash into a tribute to the president, made out of used paper coffee cups. Most people walking by liked the art, says DCist Editor-In-Chief Martin Austermuhle, who snapped this picture at 18th and Constitution Ave., but he added: "I'm not sure the people who had to pick it up felt the same."

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