Hurricane Season

May 21, 2014

The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1st.  Tuesday, at  press conference held by Governor Robert Bentley about hurricane season preparedness, Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director, Art Faulkner urged the public to start planning now.  Faulkner said numerous agencies will be conducting natural disaster exercises this week. 

Active Shooter Training

Alabama Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier presented a proposal to the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission Tuesday to increase "Active Shooter" training for officers across the state.  Collier said this training aligns with Governor Robert Bentley's wishes for all law enforcement entities within the state to be able to engage an active shooter.  Collier believes money should not hinder officers from receiving the training.  It's now up to APOST Commission to approve or deny the measure. 

Red Light Study

With the approach of Memorial Day Weekend a new study has been released that examines red-light running trends across 20 states, including Alabama.  Specifically, the study looked at when most drivers run red-lights, like which day of the week, what time of day and on which holiday weekend.  For Alabama and overall, Memorial Day Weekend sees the most violations.  Melissa Wandall, President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads, said Alabama drivers ran red-lights most frequently on Fridays in the afternoon hours.  The organization collected data from more than 2,200 red-light safety cameras in 2013 for the report. 

Free Admission

More than 2,000 museums nationwide are offering free admission to military personnel and their families this summer, beginning on Memorial Day.  The offer of free admission runs through Labor Day in September.  It is extended to military service members, including National Guard and Reserve members, and their families.