House Republicans Pass Resolution in Support of President Trump

Feb 15, 2017

The Alabama House of Representatives Republican Party debated a resolution in support of President Donald Trump over the minority Democratic Party. The resolution urges Congress to implement Trump’s government reform agenda. During the debate several Democrats voiced their opinion of the resolution including State Representative John Knight.  Knight along with several other Democrats argued against the resolution and Trump’s efforts. Knight said, “The resolution amends President Donald Trump for a good job but says "I personally feel that Trump hasn’t done a good job, including making a few mistakes already.”
He added, “We have other priorities like correction facilities, mental health, education and general fund and education budgets; that’s what the people send us to do, to take care of the issues for the state of Alabama.”

The resolution was proposed by Rep. Barry Moore of Enterprise and after more than three hours of filibustering, lawmakers approved the resolution voting 72-31.