Ask Me Another's Grand Prize Winners

Jul 6, 2012
Originally published on December 19, 2012 5:43 pm

Ask Me Another's grand prize winners have walked away with some enviable, one-of-a-kind gifts, which were chosen and presented by none other than their show's Mystery Guest.

Here are some of the season's best prizes:

Anagha Apte is the winner of this week's show, featuring Momofuku Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi. Anagha took home a couple Milk Bar pies, a signed copy of the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook and a Milk Bar tote bag.

"I shared the pies with a group of friends a couple of days after the show. One was a good friend of mine visiting from DC for his birthday. He became an instant crack pie addict and finished all of it.

As for the cookbook, I read the entire thing and meant to make some of the things in it, the meantime a Milk Bar opened in Carroll Gardens so instead I've been working my way through all the delicious things I read about. Next up: volcanoes."

ESPN's Jeremy Schaap told us about witnessing Gloucester, England's annual cheese-rolling competition, so winner Leslie Billig won a gift certificate to Murray's Cheese in New York City.

Former C.I.A. agent Peter Earnest took Bill MacDonald and his family on a private tour of Washington D.C's Spy Museum, but if he told us about it, he'd have to kill us.

Paula Henning was the winner of one of our Washington D.C. shows.

"The tour [of NPR headquarters] with [correspondent/host David Greene] was great. We had lunch at Busboys and Poets, and then I got shown the whole building. He was really informative about how NPR works, how they do the live and taped material, etc. He took a great photo of me hamming it up at the mic in one of the empty newsrooms with the NPR News sign behind me. Very educational, and he's also a genuinely super nice guy; me and my friends have him on the hook for a pool party sometime this summer up in Baltimore."

Kyle Warren won a personalized voicemail tag, sung in the style of a barbershop quartet by The Gregory Brothers.

Earlier in the season, Melissa Kirsch won lunch and a closet consultation from Mystery Guest Simon Doonan, and Judge John Hodgman bestowed winner Tom Kelso with a personal judgment via Skype.

We picked Margaret Bortner to tag-team a celebrity trivia match alongside Meghan McCain, and for Margaret's efforts, we awarded her with her very own Twitter account under the moniker @askmemargaret. Please help her reach 1 billion followers by 2013.

Mike Taylor won when Chuck Klosterman was the Mystery Guest, so in addition to winning copies of Klosterman's latest books, Mike received an old school mixtape (ok, it was a mix CD), handcrafted by the rock critic himself. Here's the tracklist:

  1. Star Trek / Main Theme
  2. MadMixMustang / "Super Jumper: ABBA vs. Van Halen"
  3. Black Sabbath / "Killing Yourself to Live"
  4. Radiohead / "Vegetable (Live)"
  5. The Bob Seger System / "2+2"
  6. Steve Martin / "One Way to Leave Your Lover"
  7. [Unknown] / "Maybe I'm Amazed" (cover)
  8. Daryl Hall / "Something in 4/4 Time"
  9. Shellac / "A Minute"
  10. Friends Like These / "7th Street Queen (featuring Craig Finn)"
  11. Steve Martin / "Freebasing"
  12. Tricky / "Black Steel"
  13. Pretty Boy Floyd / "Rock and Roll Outlaws"
  14. Eddy Grant / "Electric Avenue"
  15. Steely Dan / "The Bear"
  16. Weezer / "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"
  17. Alice Cooper / "Under My Wheels"
  18. The Dead Weather / "Looking at the Invisible Man"
  19. Daniel Johnston / "The Beatles"
  20. John Lennon / "What You Got"
  21. Morrissey / "You Know I Couldn't Last"
  22. Mitch Hedberg / "Movie Pot"
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