Governor Ivey hosted 68th annual turkey pardoning

Nov 17, 2017

Turkeys Clyde and Henrietta were pardoned by Governor Ivey on Friday.

Friday was a festive day at the Governor’s mansion as it served as the backdrop for the 68th annual turkey pardoning. It’s been a tradition that dates back for more than 60 years. Ivey said this year’s pardon is special for her because she spared two turkeys; Clyde and Henrietta. Ivey says she never got the opportunity to expunge "Clyde" from a sentence of being someone's Thanksgiving meal when she was Lt., Gov. Ivey. In that position, Ivey wielded only the power of the gavel to bring order to the statehouse. The turkey comes from the Bates Family Farm which supplies Bates House of Turkey in Greenville. The Bates Family has provided the turkey to be pardoned every year since 1949.