Flu Season

Jan 10, 2014

Flu season is ramping up, with illness widespread in at least 35 states.  That's up from 25 in the previous week.  A flu expert with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the agency's weekly report released Friday shows "We're in the thick of flu season." 

Crime Statistics

Montgomery Department of Public Safety officials and city leaders came together Friday to discuss 2013 crime statistics.  Last year 50 homicides were recorded, one of the largest numbers in Montgomery's history.  Mayor Todd Strange said the surge of homicides stared before 2013 and has continued to increase.  The overall crime rate including non-violent crime in the city was down from 2012. 

New School

By August of 2015 a new school in the Town of Pike Road will open its doors.  The town held a ground breaking Friday.  The school will house students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The Pike Road School system was years in the making, beginning in 1997 when then Mayor Wayne Rabren said the town might decide to pursue its own school system.  Mayor Gordon Stone said he was thankful for all the support and is looking forward to seeing the community grow.