Please do not catch virtual monsters among the graves of fallen soldiers.

This is the message from authorities at Arlington National Cemetery, aimed at those who might use the hit mobile game Pokémon Go at the cemetery.

A quick consultation with Dr. Google will tell you that drinking lots of water — and staying well-hydrated — can help you lose weight.

But is there any truth to this? A new study published in the Annals of Family Medicine adds to the evidence that hydration may play a role in weight management.

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Following the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11, President Obama and former President George W. Bush attended an interfaith memorial on Tuesday to honor the five law enforcement officers killed during a peaceful protest in Dallas.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before the House Judiciary Committee for several hours on Tuesday, fielding questions about the probe of Hillary Clinton's emails during her tenure as secretary of state, the backlog of cases in immigration courts, the mass shooting in Orlando, the two police shooting deaths in Minnesota and Louisiana, and the murders of police officers in Dallas, among other things.

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Flu Season

Dec 5, 2013

The flu season is here.  Symptoms of the illness can include coughing, sneezing and fever.  Dr. Albert Holloway, Pediatrics Chief Medical Officer at Health Services Incorporated, says it's important for people to get their flu shots now.  Dr. Holloway also advises covering your cough and washing your hands regularly. 

Pharmaceutical Research

A new report says clinical drug trials and associated pharmaceutical research have become a major part of Alabama's economy, supporting more than 17,000 jobs.  A report issued by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America says more than 3,400 clinical trials of new medicines have been conducted in Alabama since 1999.  Universities, hospitals and research institutions in Birmingham, Muscle Shoals, Huntsville, Mobile and Dothan worked on many of those trials.  Governor Robert Bentley said biopharmaceutical companies generated $3.2 billion dollars in economic activity in Alabama in 2011, and he's looking for their economic impact to grow. 

Discrimination Lawsuit

A veteran Auburn firefighter has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Auburn Fire Department.  Chris Turner, a firefighter since 1987, alleges that he has repeatedly been passed over for promotion.  He is seeking more than $500,000 in damages.  Turner is represented by Montgomery attorney Julian McPhillips, who discussed the lawsuit at a news conference Wednesday.  The president of the Alabama NAACP, Bernard Simelton, said the organization will support Turner's claims.  Auburn City officials have said they will not comment on active litigation.