Felon Voting Issue Before Legislature

Montgomery, Alabama – One of the two bills before the Alabama Legislature would clearly define crimes of "moral turpitude", but an advocate for felons says the measure would undo gains in the current laws that restore felons rights.

The Reverend Kenneth Glasgow, founder of Ordinary People Society, based in Dothan stated in the Montgomery Advertiser that, "It appalls me now that at this particular time in history, after we have crossed so many barriers that anyone would want to put up anything that would cause another human being to have rights taken away".

The House Constitution and Election Committee recently passed a bill that would define "moral turpitude". Currently state law identifies about 15 felony offenses that would prevent voting, but the new bill would increase the number of crimes preventing voting by felons to include 70 different offenses.

Attorney General Troy King is supporting another bill that would revoke the voting rights of anyone who commits a felony.