Federal judge scolds Georgia for litigation over water-sharing rights

Atlanta, GA – (AP) - A judge has again ruled against Georgia in the
tri-state water wars case and frowned upon the state's continued
litigation of the matter.
Senior U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson's said in a three-page
order Monday that an appeal by Georgia would only delay and further
complicate the resolution of claims.
The Georgia parties are seeking an appeal to the 11th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.
Magnuson ruled in July that it is illegal for the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers to draw water from Lake Lanier to meet the needs
of metro Atlanta's 3.5 million residents.
Magnuson stayed the case for three years to give Georgia,
Alabama and Florida time to work out a water-sharing plan.
The judge said metro Atlanta shouldn't increase its current
level of withdrawals from the lake during that time.