Federal grand jury hears from attorney general's chief of staff

Montgomery, AL – - A change in federal prosecutors didn't
end a special grand jury's investigation of Alabama Attorney
General Troy King's office.
The special grand jury met Wednesday at the federal courthouse
in Montgomery. King's chief of staff, Chris Bence, emerged from the
grand jury room shortly before 4 p.m. Bence confirmed his
appearance before the panel. But he said federal prosecutors had
asked him in June not to comment about any testimony and he was
continuing to abide by their request.
The grand jury has been meeting periodically in Montgomery for
nearly a year, but is under the direction of the U.S. attorney's
office in Birmingham. The probe began under U.S. Attorney Alice
Martin. Joyce Vance took over the federal prosecutor's position in
A spokeswoman for Vance, Peggy Sanford, said federal law
prohibits prosecutors from commenting on grand jury proceedings.