Education Budget

Feb 27, 2014

The Alabama State Senate has approved an education budget.  The budget cuts funding for Alabama State University by more than $10 million dollars.  The budget will now go to the Alabama House of Representatives. 

ASU Fights Cuts

Tope administrators at Alabama State University are vowing to fight a proposed $10 million dollar cut in funding proposed by GOP Senator Tripp Pittman, who chairs a powerful Senate committee overseeing the Education budget.  ASU President Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd and State Representative John Knight are pledging to have the funding restored. 

iPads Stolen

Sheriff's investigators in Dallas County are pursuing leads as they search for the culprits who stole thousands of dollars worth of iPads.  School officials said the suspects broke into the library at Southside High School last Friday morning and stole the iPads.  Authorities said other iPads were left in a cart outside, where they were damaged by rain.