District 7 Senate Race Heads to Runoff

Huntsville, Alabama –
(AP) - State Rep. Laura Hall has scored an easy
victory in the Democratic primary to choose a new District 7 state
senator, while attorney Sam Givhan led on the Republican side but
was headed for a runoff.
Hall took about 80 percent of the vote against Alabama A&M
graduate student Anthony Daniels, the other Democratic candidate.
There were six Republican candidates in the contest to succeed
Democrat Parker Griffith of Huntsville, who won a congressional
seat last November.
Givhan, the biggest fundraiser in the field, had 30 percent of
the vote with 56 of 57 precincts tabulated. Restaurateur Paul
Sanford was second with 23 percent, and attorney Mary Scott Hunter
was third at 22 percent. Givhan would have needed 50 percent plus
one vote to win without a runoff.
The runoff is scheduled for April 21, with the general election
set for June 9.

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