Decatur Police Officer Faked Disappearance to Cover Theft

Decatur, AL – DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - An affidavit says Decatur police Sgt. Faron
White is accused of taking about $70,000 from a safe containing
confiscated drug money before he flew off to Las Vegas after trying
to fake his own abduction.
The affidavit was filed Tuesday by Morgan County authorities in
support of the arrest warrant for Sarah Elizabeth Richardson. She
is accused of helping White stage his disappearance.
The affidavit given by Decatur Sgt. Richard Archer says
Richardson was aware that White had stolen about $70,000 and on
Saturday morning drove him to the airport in Nashvillee. Police
initially said the amount of the theft was $2,500.
White was arrested Monday in Las Vegas and will face an
extradition hearing Thursday.