Clarification: Third Coast Documentary Festival

Aug 10, 2013
Originally published on August 11, 2013 7:43 am
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Last week, we featured a segment on the People's Short Doc Award, a competition for the best short radio documentary - short - under three minutes. The competition was curated by the Third Coast International Audio Festival and the theme was appetite. We played a bit from the doc that won third place then the runner-up, and finally with a drumroll and much fanfare, introduced the winning documentary.

UNIDENTIFIED CHILDREN: (Singing) Four and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie...

JOHN E. FARNER: I'm John E. Farner from Salem, New Jersey. And as a youngster, my grandmother was a very good cook. And one of the things she cooked for us during the season, which was always in the fall as blackbird potpie.


HEADLEE: Blackbird potpie, not the pie umami made. In our excitement, though, we neglected to name the creator, New Jersey-based independent producer Mary T. Diorio Schilling, winner of the first-ever People's Short Doc Award.


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