Candidates vying for Lt. Gov. have separate views on gambling

Montgomery, AL – - Alabama's two candidates for lieutenant
governor, Democratic incumbent Jim Folsom Jr. and Republican
challenger Kay Ivey, have views on electronic bingo gambling that
are as far apart as "B" and "O" on a bingo card.
Folsom says the only way to resolve the issue is for the
Legislature to vote to hold a statewide referendum. He said the
referendum should address the closed electronic bingo casinos,
including the procedures for allowing bingo. He says it shouldn't
address other forms of gambling, such as dog tracks.
Ivey says she's a gambling opponent and believes the Legislature
has the power to make sure electronic bingo is removed from the
state. But if that doesn't happen, she says she would support a
straight up or down referendum involving whether to allow any
gambling in the state. She would urge citizens to vote no on